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Digitize your processes for higher productivity, better assurance and more effective collaboration across your team.


Iristrace’s mission is to help great brands deliver on their promise. Iristrace enables enterprises to better manage their business risks with flexible control frames for their operations that can easily be changed as processes evolve. By subscribing to its SaaS platform, teams can collaborate better on quality and brand standards, on compliance programs and on safety procedures. They can also use the platform to react faster to exceptions and incidents. With Iristrace, business experts without IT knowledge easily design and roll out their controls across their organisation in a record time. They can determine themselves whether controls are scheduled automatically, triggered by events or used in self-service. Iristrace makes data collection, consolidation, analysis and reporting much simpler. Data can come from team members themselves directly from their mobile app, from suppliers, from other systems or from IoT devices. With the Iristrace mobile app, employees become much more agile, while management and subject matter experts receive real time information on their tablet or desktop through the Iristrace platform. Customers save time and money by moving away from their disparate traditional tools and methods such as email, messenger, spreadsheets and slide decks or even pen and paper that many companies still use today. Tedious tasks such as chasing for information and reporting are greatly simplified. The benefits include a faster implementation of strategy, better staff and supplier engagement on the company’s objectives, improved compliance, shorter learning cycles, lower costs and a far superior customer experience as a result. Tens of leading companies in sectors such as retail, fashion, hospitality and automotive are benefitting from Iristrace’s platform to mitigate risks and benchmark their multiple business locations. Iristrace helps turning business risks into business value.

Founded 2014



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