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Technology made simple.


We are ITCode Infotech, intending to meet client needs with determination and grit. We embrace tough challenges and do not rest until the problem is solved. We deal in both, Mobile Applications (Android & iOS) and web development. We are specialists in most of the popular technologies like NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular, IONIC, Figma, etc. We're here to help you digitize your business and scale your reach. These days even the small business needs digital presence, whether to trade or to manage their personnel. We have a solution for this, here’s where we come into the picture. We always start from where you are with your ideas and we think from your end, the customers' perspectives, their pain areas, and devise a solution that solves core problems to benefit your business and enhance customer satisfaction. We are confident that our work will be of superior quality with minimal budget and within the required time frame. We believe in confidentiality - whether the ideas, business logics, etc. , it's all safe with us. We believe in adaptability, collaboration, simplicity, and trust. Since our inception, we have delivered top-notch solutions and applications. Connect with us for better insights and let's discuss your ideas. Mail us: info@itcodeinfotech.com Call us: +91 9033 325096 +44 7830 758473 Regards, ITCode Infotech

Founded 2019



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Surat, British Indian Ocean Territory

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