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Kodius provides services of web & software development, design, and augmentation. We pride ourselves on our proven record of satisfied clients whom we have helped design and build products. We strive for a balance between performance and perfection.One comment of our current clients perfectly encapsulates this: "They thought two steps ahead when we only thought one step ahead."Since creating a profile on Clutch in Spring of 2019, by July of 2019 we were already featured by July on lists of top 15 best developers in the country and top 100 web developers in the world. We shoot for the stars and we have proven we have the ability to reach them.Our technologies of special interest are Vue.js, Ruby onRails, React, Node.js and Elixir.Kodius highly values authenticity and progress, be it personal, financial or technological. We are known for our professional attitude and friendly environment that values trust, passion, and openness.People make the company, and our people are extraordinary.We are an open-minded team of specialists who support each other and encourage professional growth. Together we complete challenges, improve our skills and provide top notch service.We look forward to working with you.



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Zagreb, Croatia