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Public Relation Agency Edinburgh


Based in Edinburgh, but active across the UK, Indigo is proud to be an independent Scottish company that has kept its key values of being ethical, practical and professional. Employing skilled specialists across media relations, public affairs and crisis management, we offer effective and innovative reputation management for companies and individuals. From the outset, when Indigo was set-up in 1998, we saw it as our role to raise and sustain our client's public profile in a credible, structured and controlled manner, using a range of communications tools. We recognised the increasing value of reputation in this process. In a competitive world, reputation has become the differentiator when people choose who they want to do business with. As a result, we quickly became one of Scotland's leading reputation management specialists, ensuring that we get the right message across to the right people at exactly the right time. This has been achieved without compromising the values that matter to us: Client First; Honesty; Financial Responsibility; Integrity; and Pride in our Work. As a result, almost every one of our clients have come to us through recommendation and referral, something we are very proud of.  




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