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Linear CGI Studio creates stunning media for Property, Interiors, Products and Landscaping. See more of our latest CGI projects on Instagram and our website. We specialise in creating solutions for real-world projects, requiring efficiency and quality to supply stunning results. https://linktr.ee/linearpropertycgi We work with Interior Designers - Visualising a design to aid your client experience your vision to its full potential with visuals, 360 renders and real-time render walkthroughs. We work with Architects - From a single property to large scale development, buying off-plan and previewing renovation is crucial to sign off and assuring clients fully understand the proposal. We supply visuals, 360 renders and real-time render walkthroughs. We Work with E-Commerce and Marketing Executives - Save costs and improve your imagery with rendered visuals of your products. We render the content that enables you to display your full product through photorealistic visualisation. You can even start pre-ordering before you take delivery of products. We Work with Manufacturers - We put your product in the correct virtual space to show it off to it's maximum. Visualise the selling points of your products with cut-aways to reveal hidden components is a simple task in 3D space.

Founded 2019



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Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)

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