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Who we are: A multi-skilled, diverse, multicultural, tech-centric, London and Athens-based team of experienced marketeers and creatives. We have in common a passion for tech - where it is today and the possibilities it holds for tomorrow.What we bring: Optimism, professionalism, and no bullshit work ethic. We desire only to do what will work for our clients to drive growth and ROI, and to win hearts and minds.Our reason for being:  We aim to provide customised, collaborative marketing for tech focused companies. In a world where big agencies are offering one-size-fits all marketing solutions and companies are taking their marketing in-house – we offer customised plug and play solutions that gives you an in-house marketing team with the experience and objectivity of an external marketing agency. Our unique partnerships with pioneering tech companies (for example collaboration with Europe's first end-to-end blockchain consultancy) sets us apart from other agencies and means that we are uniquely positioned to bring our clients the very latest thinking and solutions from the emerging tech landscape. Coupled with our digital-marketing expertise - our clients are always ahead of the curve.We look forward to bringing your tech and its story to the world. Talk to us [email protected]


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