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Matter Inc. is a technology company on a mission to truly enable consumer product innovators. We are building a platform that transforms growth from a service into a product. What does that mean? It means that by using the latest cutting-edge technology in artificial intelligence and automation, we are taking what use to be reserved for large companies with deep pockets and huge teams.. and giving it to entrepreneurs and business owners of any size. This is less of a mission and more of a relentless obsession: levelling the playing field.. actually empowering entrepreneurs.. and creating a world where the best products win in the market! Over the last several years we have pioneered proprietary technologies and business models used to generate over a billion dollars in gross merchandise volume for over 100+ brand partners… and we are just getting started! We are passionate technologists, experienced performance marketers, and hardcore innovators. Welcome to Matter Inc.”



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Kelowna, Canada

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