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Consumer Intelligence for your Competitive Advantage.


We’re on a mission to help people take ownership of their data and re-engineer the way companies access and utilise behavioral insights. In a climate where reliable and actionable behavioral data is so difficult to obtain, Measure has become a trusted source of visibility into digital consumer behaviors and patterns that businesses have never been able to get. The latest Consumer Intelligence (CI) solution by Measure helps MAANG companies in gaining insights into their target audience's daily habits, emerging trends and factors of influence in a fully-compliant environment. Leading app businesses love us for: Competitive intelligence Take a deep dive into your competitor’s audience, to know what influences their decision-making and purchasing patterns. Consumer intelligence Deepen your understanding of what users do beyond your app to gain perspective on new ways to drive revenue. Market Intelligence Fill the gaps by adding hidden data insights to get a full micro-level market perspective and expand your macro-growth.

Alves Neto Paul George

Founded 2018



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