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We're Pixel Perfect.


It was back in 2004 that our small team hit the streets of London (apparently they are paved with gold!) with the aim of producing stunning and effective websites for our clients. In 2006 we won an award for creative design in the Best London Design Agency category, which rocketed us forward to work with some fantastic big brands. As our business was growing so successfully we started to think what next? The answer came in 2012 when we decided that we wanted to grow our business and offer SEO services by joining forces with another company. We approached the top ten SEO companies in the UK and after getting to know the gang at IKROH we all felt that we would like to work with them. When IKROH said that they really wanted to push forward with website design it was a match made in heaven! IKROH purchased shares in medusacommerce and we both started combining our skills. In 2013 IKROH purchased the remaining shares and we are now proud to say we are part of the IKROH group. We have moved up from London to work with them in Milton Keynes. Now we can give our clients a complete digital solution!



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