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An FAA Certified 3D Printed parts manufacturer with ASD9100D Certification, Metro Aerospace is a leader in improving operational efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of aerospace operations through cutting-edge, performance-enhancing technology for military and commercial aerospace. Metro Aerospace holds multiple exclusive global licenses to design and manufacture performance enhancing drag reduction technologies invented and patented by Lockheed Martin. Our flagship product, Microvanes, are proven to provide as much as four percent fuel savings at cruise conditions, extend time in flight, and significantly reduce inboard engine wear. Microvanes technology is commercially available today for the C-130 family (C-130H, C-130J, L-100) and the C-17 and and is currently used by fleets across five continents. Metro Aerospace was established in 2016 by the founders of Catalyze Dallas, a holding company specializing in creating value by broadly commercializing intellectual property spun out from the defense industry. “Metro Aerospace is the perfect proof-point for the Catalyze Dallas formula for bringing defense industry assets quickly into commercial markets.” says Joe D’Cruz, Catalyze Dallas Managing Director. For more information about Catalyze Dallas, refer to: http://catalyzedallas.com.

Founded 2016



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Dallas, United States (US)

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