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MIF Projects is an IT agency that has been working in the field of software development for more than 12 years. We specialize in full cycle software development. Our services include web and mobile development, graphic design, QA support, DevOps, system administration. So far our team has successfully completed hundreds of various projects for international clients from the USA, Canada, Germany, Israel, Poland, Singapore and other countries. We are experienced in working with GPS integration, geolocation, Google maps, payment systems integration, social media integration, navigation, 3rd pary APIs etc. Also we specialize in creating Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality applications for mobile devices, smart glasses , VR/AR headsets etc. We have a well-adjusted project management that enables us to provide our clients with their projects in a proper and timely manner. Working with us you will have our project manager in your assistance or the option of direct communication with the development team. The main idea which leads our team in the process of our work, unites us and helps us to overcome all the difficulties of the development process is the high quality of the product. That's why quality is the main priority which directs all the process of our work. Our mission is to help you create a unique product which will bring your idea to life and deliver new revenue streams.

Founded 2007



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Oblast', Ukraine

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