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Your entire company spend in one place: Manage card payments, employee expenses, invoices, and cash flow in one place.


Moss is a technology-enabled expense and financial management solution. With smart corporate credit cards, digital invoice management, and automated accounting, Moss allows companies to manage all of their spending easily and transparently. And efficiently drive their core business with digital workflows. Saving up to 16 hours of time per month, Moss enables finance managers, directors, HR teams, and operational staff to reduce repetitive tasks to a few clicks. With full control and minimal effort. Moss is intuitive and designed to meet the needs of modern businesses. Higher credit limits, company credit cards for all employees, accounting integrations, and controlling features already allow maximum spending transparency and make the whole company more efficient. With total funding of more than 130 million € to date, world-renowned investors are supporting our mission to become the leading platform for financial management in Europe. Businesses will be able to manage payments, financial processes, and cash flow efficiently on the Moss platform. This will enable them to lead their business to success in a data-driven way. Our ambitious team of experienced experts, entrepreneurs, and senior advisors is well on its way to making Moss the next-generation financial solution. Learn more at getmoss.com.

Founded 2019



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