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Money Unlocked


NAKA is a FinTech company developing a comprehensive suite of financial products and services, including a holistic point-of-sale payment solution, a blockchain payment scheme, and a dedicated self-custodial payment card, offering a complete payment ecosystem. Built on the foundation of GoCrypto’s success story, NAKA’s blockchain-powered financial ecosystem bridges traditional and decentralized finance, committed to decentralizing finances and achieving financial inclusion for all. Its vision is to pioneer decentralized technology solutions that empower individuals, transcending boundaries to provide universal access to financial freedom for everyone. Our Mission: Bringing Financial Freedom and Inclusion to Everyone. At NAKA, we are driven by a commitment to promoting financial inclusion and freedom. We firmly believe that these principles are not privileges reserved for the few, but fundamental rights for all. Bridging Traditional and Decentralized Finance We achieve this by harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology, offering a wide spectrum of financial services designed to enhance payment systems through state-of-the-art technological advancements. Leading with Innovation Innovation is at the core of our DNA. NAKA is continuously pioneering cutting-edge technologies to redefine how people interact with money. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that simplify financial transactions and drive positive change. One of these solutions is our revolutionary, first-ever, EMV-compatible payment card, which can be connected to a non-custodial wallet. Empowering Businesses and Individuals NAKA offers businesses and individuals innovative tools to take control of their finances. Our unique combination of a point-of-sale (POS) system, payment scheme, and payment card supports on-chain payments using cryptocurrencies like USDT. Money unlocked. #NAKA #Blockchain #DeFi #FinancialInclusion

Founded 2017



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Ljubljana, Slovenia