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The human factor in artificial intelligence.


Nervtech is a high-tech R&D company specializing in vehicle simulator technologies in the fields of biometric and cognitive driver evaluation, machine learning and data integration. Nervtech’s patented 4DOF-motion compact driving simulator offers a real-life driving experience for simulator analytics and driver evaluation and training. The simulation can run on a configuration with three big external screens or with VR headset (Oculus Rift or HTC Vive). It can easily be moved transported to any location and set-up in a very short time. The simulation platform includes a variety of driving environments, from country side roads, snowy mountains, different highways and complex city centres. Unusual and dangerous behaviour can also be created providing critical and highly demanding driving situations and events. The platform provides also a set of ADAS elements (lane assist, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, etc.) or fully autonomous driving. The cockpit of the driven vehicle is displayed on the screens and can be changed/modified freely to add new dashboard or IVIS elements (head-up display, dashboard display, different types of lights and indicators). External HW components can also be integrated into the system providing new types of input modalities. The platform includes also a set of physiological and biometrical medical grade sensors for measuring driver’s signals such as HR. GSR, body temperature, pupil diameter, gaze position, etc. Proprietary algorithms for detection of distraction, stress or cognitive workload are also provided. Nervtech’s main R&D goal is to develop techniques and procedures for the transfer of knowledge from human driver to self-driving machine. Consequentially autonomous vehicles will be able more efficiently handle complex and unpredictable driving situations by taking into account also human cognition and intuition-based decision-making.

Founded 2013



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