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One MSL are a specialist training consultancy created from a vision to connect and upskill the global MSL community.


One MSL (formerly Pivot MSL) is recognised as a specialist training consultancy with a core focus on driving standards of MSL excellence. One MSL was founded by Helen Kane through her belief in the value of the MSL, the wider medical function and a passion for human growth and development. One MSL is proud of its deep connection with the MSL community and is on a journey of continuous learning to meet the changing needs of the industry and the individual. One MSL is the home of the Global MSL Survey – a piece of research which helps us to best understand the reality for the 21st century MSL in order to better help individuals and companies within Medical Affairs to be best-in-class. One MSL has grown to be synonymous with MSL excellence and we have just launched the One MSL Community, the go-to online resource within the industry for aspiring MSLs, MSLs and Medical Leaders to connect and up-skill. The One MSL Community is home to our webinars, blogs and survey results, as well as helpful resources for those in the industry. Join us now: www.onemsl.com/one-community Upskilling in some downtime or on the go? Be sure to seek out the One MSL Podcast available on all major platforms.

Founded 2019



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