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We help people transform data into knowledge, gather insights across data sources and make an impact on your business.


Our mission is to help life sciences companies accelerate drug development for improved patient outcomes, and we do this by championing the power of data. Our main product DISQOVER is an optimized search or knowledge platform which draws on semantic technology and an ontology-based knowledge graph to find links between data across databases (internal data, public data and third party data) faster and more efficiently. The platform has been developed for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. There are thousands of health research databases, clinical trials, literature reviews, patient studies, etc. available. Before setting up a new study, scientists first need to check what kind of research has already been done – both internally and externally – on, for instance, growth hormone applications for a particular disease. In many companies, even internal information resides in hundreds of different databases, each with their own interface and search logic. As a consequence, just finding this kind of background information is a very time-consuming process. This is where DISQOVER comes in. One of the assets is that we use semantic technology to find logical but often hidden connections between internal and external data, allowing you to easily combine information from a multitude of different sources. As such, pharma and biotech companies can save valuable time and money that they can now invest in developing new medicines or treatments. Customers include: AstraZeneca, AmGen, Medidata, Prinses Máxima Institute, Aelin Therapeutics and more. DISQOVER is used amongst others by scientific researchers, bioinformaticians, and data scientists. Try DISQOVER: our community edition is always up-to-date and accessible via www.ontoforce.com (choose “try now” top right corner)

Founded 2011



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