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Explore the mechanobiology of cells, tissues, hydrogels, and other soft biomaterials with our Piuma, Chiaro, and Pavone.


Mechanics start the minute you put cells on the wellplate. As science continues to progress, it is crucial to consider real-time, non-destructive mechanical characterization of soft and living biomaterials such as cells, hydrogels, spheroids, organoids, and tissues. Insights into mechanics will help improve performance in e.g., disease modelling, therapy development and regenerative medicine. When the company was founded in 2011, we understood that we had a unique technology that needed to find its way into the right market. Early on, we were able to identify that our technology has the distinct ability to measure the mechanical properties of extremely soft and living biomaterials. Our solutions help Unlock the Power of Mechanobiology: uncovering the ways in which mechanics influence biology of cells and tissues, both healthy and diseased. Over the years, we have refined our technology to offer a comprehensive range of solutions that fit seamlessly into any advanced lab. Our solutions are characterized by the ease of operation, integration into the (biological) workflow, optical readouts, and control of physiological parameters. Our solutions include: - PIUMA: a benchtop system for the characterization of large tissues. - CHIARO: a microscope-compatible system for small tissue characterization. - PAVONE: our screening-scale platform that combines automated indentation mapping, bright-field and fluorescence imaging, and environmental control. Connect with us to learn more about our company or what our solutions can do for you!

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