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Washing the Oceans. We rid the oceans of harmful algae and turn them into everyday goods, for us all.


We are building a business ecosystem based on farmed and harvested algae, which we turn into ingredients that are used in the production of everyday consumer goods. Our biorefinery technology converts a global environmental problem, the eutrophication of the oceans into functional products. Seaweed and algae are filled with nature’s building blocks and provide an endless pool of sustainable, biobased ingredients for various applications. Micro and macroalgae are viable crops to grow and harvest, but there's a huge difference in how it’s done. We want to do it right. We discovered that with the right process, we can remove marine overgrowth and transform them into ecological, functional and sustainable ingredients for everyday consumer products. Every product would ease the chokehold of eutrophication and give functionality to your consumer product. We built this company on shared sustainable values. Everybody at Origin by Ocean is committed to the same set of values, including our founding members, employees and advisors.

Founded 2019



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Espoo, Finland