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Providing the power to work. Our Workertech solves problems within hourly-paid workforces.


Orka is on a mission to improve the way the world works by creating innovative WorkerTech™ that enables a workforce seeking a fast, fair and flexible work life. As technology evolves the way people live, Orka is evolving the way people work - providing a digital-first workforce with the tools to find, onboard and get paid for the work they choose. Our products are built to seamlessly integrate with traditional workforce management systems. This provides employers with a holistic view of their permanent and temporary staff, throughout every step of the hiring process and throughout employment. Our solutions also aim to give workers more flexibility and freedom throughout the entire user journey, improving their financial well-being and work-life balance every step of the way. Founded in 2016 by James Doyle, Nick Groves and Tom Pickersgill, Orka has received backing from both VC firms and angel investors to grow into a passionate team of 40 people. We’re all about building products that create a fairer, safer, transparent and more convenient way to work. Our product suite consists of Orka Works, Orka Pay and Orka Check: Orka Works is the app where workers can find and apply for jobs, get background checks done and get paid - all in one app. It also gives employers complete transparency over every step of the hiring process. Orka Pay allows workers access to 50% of their earnings as soon as they have worked a shift, creating more financial security, better productivity at work, and improving employee happiness. Orka Check allows employers to easily and securely perform background checks on candidates whilst storing personal information securely and eliminating manual data entry.

Bate Nicholas John

Founded 2016


Private limited Company


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