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Reimagining valve technology


Oxford Flow design & manufacture innovative pressure valve technology & sell globally. Originating from research undertaken by Oxford University to accurately regulate gas pressures, the company is reimagining valve technology for the energy, water, & industrial sectors. Markets include natural gas distribution & transmission, water distribution & various process industries. Oxford Flow's partners are Koso Kent Introl and through the partnership sell IntroFlo branded products. Engineered to be smaller, lighter, & more reliable than competing technology, their products can significantly lower cost of ownership, reduce maintenance & dramatically reduce emissions. They can also provide a safer more sustainable solution, without compromising performance. Oxford Flow won The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Best Mechanical Engineering Achievement Award 2022 for their ES Actuated Valve. Using patented piston-technology, their product range include Independently Hydrogen verified gas regulators, in-line valves, pressure-reducing valves (PRVs) & liquid regulators & gas regulators. Designed in Oxford & manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 standards.

Conn Iain Cameron

Founded 2015


Private limited Company


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Oxford, United Kingdom (UK), Osney Mead