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PeopleQlik is an Enterprise HR , Payroll, Performance & Wellness Software with statutory compliance of more than 60 countries available in more than 20 regional languages ; offers an efficient web-based human resource and payroll software that streamlines and automates the HR workflow to enhance performance and efficiency. PeopleQlik not only provide its product as a solution to its customers in order to improve productivity but also provide host of services that enable our customers to realize quick return on investment. PeopleQlik is a part of Bilytica Pvt Ltd, which is known globally for providing business solutions for almost all industries that includes Financial Technology for Banking, Insurance, health and other others. Bilytica’s product, PeopleQlik, is a comprehensive solution that facilitates every facet of the HR process spectrum such as workforce Administration, Recruitment, Performance Management, Talent Development, Payroll, HR Analytics, Enterprise Collaboration and Mobile. PeopleQlik has earned huge recognition as pure play vendor. We have invested our experts experience and knowledge to re-engineering the product according to modern trends, making it accessible on smart phones and tablets, besides bringing in faster access to forms and simpler ways to complete transactions. PeopleQlik ensures Quality Management Practices and Dedicated investments in user and product research programs. We have a robust track record of successful operations and employee process automation that has made us the choice of over 600 customers from across verticals. At present, we are offering our services to more than 600,000 users. We have an extensive experience in Global Implementation Rollouts and have been nominated as ‘Niche Player’ in many international awards.

Founded 2011



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Melbourne, Australia