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Our initial journey in 1997 at Performix was all about creating applications to bring clean data into data warehouses. This allowed our clients to have reliable data to report from. In 2000 we started participating in the delivery of the data via web application/web portals. Also we started working on delivering data on smaller Mobile devices (Palm OS/Windows Mobile at the time) Starting in 2007, with the advent of Apple App Store and then the Google Play Store — our Mobile Application development journey got a big boost; soon Android was available to build comparable Mobile Apps. We built applications cross industry including: Engineering, Manufacturing, Health-care, Government, Retail, and Non Profit. Our application development moved to the Cloud with the benefits of Cloud development over physical servers. We assisted our clients with their Cloud Strategy and development. Also, visualization of data played a big role – we built many custom-based solutions – our first visualization solution was built in 2004 using Google Earth and now has evolved to Tableau/Qlikview solutions. All along our mindset has been solution oriented for our client and not the end user. We always looked for the most optimal and viable solution for our clients in their use of data.

Founded 1997



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