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The Plug is a music distribution, licensing and publishing company. We manage some of the biggest talents in Africa, and curate phenomenal events. Founded in 2016, The Plug has rapidly penetrated the entertainment industry, boosting some of the most prominent young talents, either under management, publishing or promotional business. We have the right resources to grow your career from one level of greatness to the next. Our strategies are tested and trusted because they produce the needed results at the right time. Our ever expanding portfolio of client all enjoy an extensive pool of resources and information that help guide their decision processes, and this in turn guarantees success in whatever we chose to do, be it merchandising, marketing, events/concerts, tours and so on. We bring quality and efficiency to the table because we work with the most professional team to deliver excellence and we aim to be the biggest entertainment and music agency in Africa that represents creatives from Africa and beyond.

Founded 2016



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Lagos, Nigeria

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