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Leading esports representation agency, taking care of some of the best players around the world & connecting brands.


Prodigy Agency is a leading esports representation, management and marketing agency building legacies for world-class and upcoming players, events, brands and properties around the globe. Thanks to a deep knowledge of esports and a combined reach of more than 50 millions followers, leading brands and companies look to Prodigy Agency to provide leadership in understanding esports market through fans’ passions and how these insights can build more effective, efficient and measurable marketing programs and ROI. With a family-centric culture, Prodigy offers talents a full suite of services, including career management, strategic guidance, contract negotiation, brand creation and management, integrated marketing and global partnership development. Prodigy Agency focuses on elevating athletes’ careers and image globally by fully conceptualizing and executing marketing and endorsement deals, media relations, brand strategy and community outreach. Prodigy Agency operates around the globe, representing esports talents from all continents. Range of services for esports athletes: -Prodigy management -Prodigy performance -Prodigy draft

Founded 2017



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Toulouse, France