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Supplying the automotive aftermarket with vehicle bulbs, tyre inflators, vehicle battery chargers, dash cameras and more


Ring is a leading European brand in vehicle lighting, auto electrics, workshop tools and auto accessories. Innovation at Ring is underpinned by our commitment to quality. We constantly strive to provide our customers with the highest level of quality products through a quality service. For over 40 years Ring has been pushing the boundaries of vehicle lighting. Today we continue to invest in LED technology to provide the next generation of lighting. Our award-winning ranges of tyre and battery care products are industry leading, with a focus on quality at the core of everything we do. As well as becoming a leading brand for vehicle lighting and car accessories amongst retailers, we also have a long-standing reputation supplying trade products for garages, workshops, mechanics and technicians. Our range of inspection tools and workshop chargers are made to exacting standards to ensure they are robust and tough enough to withstand the rigours of the workshop environment. Ring's Quality Assurance Department carries out stringent quality assurance procedures on a continuous basis. It has achieved the highest standards in Quality Assurance and has been independently assessed by BSI. The department has been awarded ISO 9001 for the manufacture and assembly of automotive lighting. Major investments in test equipment and fully-qualified staff has created a Quality Assurance Department that is at the forefront of automotive lighting and automotive electrics. Our CCD ProMetric Light Imaging Photometer measures light at over 1.5 million points, giving us a superior assessment of lighting products. Compliance with ECE regulation 37 means our customers can be confident of selling Ring's award-winning bulbs.

Founded 1974




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Leeds, United Kingdom (UK)

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