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Risk Crew is known for their vision, innovative thinking and facility to embrace change. Given the constant changes in threats, vulnerabilities and technology, effective risk professionals are those that expect it. Today, cyber security is considered a number one priority for organisations to protect their systems from cyber threats — and we help them achieve this. Together as a Crew, we take nothing for granted and think beyond current beliefs, preconceived ideas and prevailing opinions. When it comes to problem-solving, we don’t assume things, we verify them. Delivering pragmatic results is in our DNA and we include key performance indicators in solutions to confirm their ongoing effectiveness. This is how we empower our clients to meet their goals. Over the years, we have delivered quality services and built valuable client relationships. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our clients say. “Having worked with Risk Crew for more than 15 years on various projects, you'll be hard pushed to find a more professional and knowledgeable team. If you want to know if your cyber defences are up to withstanding real-world threats, get in touch, you definitely won't regret it.” See all our reviews: https://www.riskcrew.com/customer-testimonials/ Risk Crew provides a full portfolio of Governance, Risk & Compliance Services delivered by expert consultants, to include: • DPA & GDPR Compliance • ISO 27001 Compliance • Information Security Threat & Risk Assessments • SOC 2 Compliance • Cyber Essentials Certification • Security Penetration Testing • Red Team Testing • Supply Chain Information Risk Management • Information Security Staff Awareness Training • Virtual CISO Service • and much more! To know more about the Crew, visit www.riskcrew.com

Founded 2010



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