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Desk, Meeting Room, and Parking Booking System. The all-in-one hybrid workplace management software.


Ronspot was created to solve parking, desk, and meeting room demand problems. Across the world, companies are facing issues with managing their spaces. By allowing employees to book desks, parking spaces, and meeting rooms, Ronspot can help reduce the amount of time and effort spent on coordinating these resources. In short, Ronspot is for organisations who want to make hybrid working easy. It is the number 1 effective solution for companies that are looking to make hybrid working easier and more effective. How does Ronspot solve these issues? ⭐ By using the Ronspot App, employees can view a map of the office and see which desks, parking spaces, and meeting rooms are available. They can then book the space they need in advance, ensuring that it will be ready for them when they arrive at work. What problem does Ronspot solve for companies? Ronspot solves problems around managing demand for spaces, ensuring fair allocation, and implementing hybrid working. So, Ronspot: ✅ Maximises occupancy 🤖 Reduces administration for the company 🏡 Facilitates hybrid working in a fair and transparent manner. 📊 Generates data on occupancy, usages, and employees What are the key features of Ronspot? ⭐ Desking, parking, and meeting rooms in one app Live real-time availability booking calendar Interactive booking map Search your colleagues’ bookings Check-in with QR Code Single Sign-On ISO 27001 Certified System (Data Security Standards) Amazon Cloud Hosted Join employees in over 40 countries using Ronspot for booking their spaces. See how Ronspot works for our customers on our website – www.ronspotflexwork.com For more information, please contact support@ronspotflexwork.com

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