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Empowering businesses, educators & hobbyists to thrive in a connected world through #IoT & Embedded Systems solutions


SanCloud is at the forefront of advanced IoT device and embedded systems development empowering our customers to succeed in the connected world. Our innovative products and solutions use Internet of Things (IoT) technologies connecting businesses and people from across the globe to real world assets to improve their functionality and usability. SanCloud’s IoT products are used in all kinds of domestic, industrial and connected vehicle applications. These applications are as diverse as the remote monitoring of security and fire systems in high-rise buildings to process machinery, asset tracking systems to teaching computing in universities, tracking mining plant 100s of feet below ground to a hobbyist’s latest robot creation. IoT is rapidly emerging as the next giant technological leap towards global interconnectivity and integration. SanCloud’s relatively unique capabilities and offering enables its clients to stay ahead, ensuring they benefit from the very best solution for their needs today and the foreseeable future. SanCloud products are sold in 40 countries with clients including Emerson, Fujitsu, Micron, Molex, Peugeot and Toyota. - Winner of the Best IoT Development Company 2020 - CV Technology Innovator Awards - Creators of the BeagleBone® Enhanced range of Single Board Computers (SBCs) - Silver Member of the Linux Foundation - Automotive Grade Linux Member - Yocto Project Participant - Designed in the UK

Founded 2011



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Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)