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World leader of Pulsed power solutions for Cancer treatment, pioneering Scientific research and Industry applications!


With a storied legacy of expertise of and innovation, ScandiNova Group is a global pioneer in sustainable power solutions for MedTech, Industrial, and Science applications. The company’s product range includes high-voltage pulse modulators, radio frequency (RF) systems, power amplifiers/supplies, magnets, and coils. These systems have key functions in several scientific-based applications, cancer therapy, MRI, isotope production, as well as in cargo inspection, non-destructive testing, industrial X-ray, sterilization, and other industrial uses. Operating on a global scale, ScandiNova exports more than 95% of its production to clients in over 50 countries, with a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and North America. Customers include renowned names such as CERN, SLAC, KEK, Tsinghua University, Varian, Elekta, IBA, ABB, Varex Imaging, and numerous other industry leaders and top-ranked labs worldwide, as well as start-ups and engineering companies. ScandiNova Group comprises ScandiNova Systems, Scanditronix Magnet, IECO, and Microwave amps. The company group has a dedicated workforce of over 200 employees, complemented by sales representatives strategically located in key regions worldwide. With over 150 years of combined experience, ScandiNova Group is a trusted partner in developing critical sub-systems with world-leading technology and is poised for an even more dynamic future.

Founded 2001




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Uppsala, Sweden