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Scurri is customisable next generation delivery management software that was created to put you back in control.


Scurri is customisable next generation delivery management software that was created to put you back in control of the most fundamental pillars of your eCommerce business. Scurri puts eCommerce retailers back in control of: - Your Costs - Your Operations - Your Offer - Your Issues - Your Growth - Your Experience Scurri is about ‘connecting commerce’ adding value at multiple stages along the eCommerce journey: from helping get the purchase over the line at the checkout, to selecting the most effective delivery option for each package, creating accurate labels, tracking the packages, and running analytics to deliver insight so we are continually helping improve the entire process for our clients. Through fully configurable automation, Scurri allows you to tailor carrier selection in a more sophisticated way, enhancing your offer while keeping costs tightly controlled. By automating carrier and even service selection processes using tightly defined, directly controlled and uniquely configurable rules, Scurri dramatically expands the delivery offering that you can manageably bring to market, making your life easier while creating a competitive advantage. With Scurri, you can do things you never thought possible. Previously unviable service offers become simple and automated with our fully configurable and uniquely sophisticated no-code rules engine. You can directly create new, customised checkout options and add premium services simply and swiftly, whatever your scale, enhancing customer experience, removing barriers to sale and improving margins. By allowing you to offer more to customers and deliver it more easily, with fewer issues, Scurri dramatically enhances your customer experience in a frictionless way. By supporting our uniquely configurable rules engine with easy implementation and category-leading customer service, Scurri has a dramatic impact on your experience of delivery management too. Website: scurri.com/control

Founded 2010



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