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Our idea was born in 1884. when we put in to operation the first steam mill on rolls, by that we have set the foundation for today’s milling in Senta. Believing in our original idea and constant work on perfecting our product has made new possibilities. In 1957. activity of the company expanded from the production of the flour, as the main activity, to the production of pasta and bakery products. Today, „Žitopromet-Mlin“ JSC proudly stands behind Sentella products, loyal associates in making delicious dreams come true, from the household to the Serbian industry and beyond. The position we have on the market is gained by firmly holding on to the original idea since the founding of the company, which provides the best to our users in the time we are living. By investing over 2.5 millions Euros, we turned our production of pasta and bakery products in the best and most modern ones in the country.

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