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We build brands that command attention.


Sergeant Walnuts is a creative agency. We build brands that command attention. We’re based in Manchester, but we work with people all over the world, building brands and creating communications that are distinctly interesting and difficult to ignore. Ok is the enemy: In the battle of the brands, being boring is a cardinal sin. If you’re forgettable, you’re finished. Human-driven, head-turning, and occasionally even eyebrow-raising. We search for ideas that have relevance, purpose and impact. Unreasonable clients wanted: George Bernard Shaw spoke of the power of unreasonable people. Those who demand difference and expect more; those who refuse to accept the ordinary. He said all human progress depends on unreasonable people. That makes unreasonable people our kind of people. We’re a collective of specialists who can do just about anything. From deep strategic thinking and attention-commanding creative ideas to impeccable execution, production and ongoing support. All with an unwavering focus on helping clients stand their brand apart. Things we do: Activations Art Direction Brand Books Brand Creation Brand Films Brand Identity Brand Strategy Comms Copywriting Creative Campaigns Event Design Graphic Design Packaging Design TVCs

Founded 2022



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Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)

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