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Uniting science & tech to protect 30% of nature by 2030 and balance people, planet, and the economy.


Single.Earth is a GreenTech company with significant venture capital funding for scientific research and innovation development in nature-based solutions. Using natural sciences and blockchain technology, Single.Earth builds accessible and scalable tools to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss. The rapidly-growing international team is on a mission to help preserve existing ecosystems by making nature protection profitable for landowners of all sizes. Ultimately, striving to transform the economy by introducing the world's first nature-backed currency (MERIT) that explicitly acknowledges the dependence of all economic activity and human well-being on nature. Single.Earth tokenizes nature for its ecological value and essential ecosystem services, capturing the value in MERIT tokens. To enable tokenization and monitoring of natural assets, Single.Earth has created a Digital Twin of Earth. It combines satellite data, big data analysis, and machine learning to create a digital representation of the world’s nature: assessing the intact forest area and its ecological features (gross CO2 removal, carbon stocks, and biodiversity). In June 2022, the platform for landowners was publicly launched, enabling all landowners to insert their land data and receive a preliminary estimate of its ecological value. During 2022, Single.Earth will open the sales of MERIT tokens for individual and corporate buyers who aim to contribute to nature and/or see the value of virtual assets backed by the real-life features of nature. Protecting existing biodiverse forests and other natural resources, is one of the most cost-effective, immediate, scalable, and proven solutions to bend the curves of climate change and biodiversity loss. Individuals, landowners, and businesses all have the chance to contribute and make a real impact. Together, we can build a fully sustainable nature-backed economy. #GreenFinance #NatureBackedEconomy #GreenTech

Founded 2019



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Tallinn, Estonia