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We serve society with science based solutions.


At SkylineDx, we live to make a difference. It is our mission to improve a patient’s quality of life by enabling them to benefit from personal insights at the genomic level of their disease. That means we are continuously innovating the world of gene signature-based diagnostic testing. Genes are responsible for making us who we are. It can determine our features such hair and eye color, skin tone, or even height. Although we know our genetic make-up is similar to one another, each individual is vastly unique. “No two humans are alike.” And while most agree on the quote above, the contrary is being practiced in disease treatment today. When a patient gets a cancer diagnosis, he or she is treated, more or less, the same as other patients with the same type of cancer. For decades we have known, but were not able to determine why patients with the same diagnosis respond differently to the same treatment. Today, after years of genetic research, we know that like humans, no two cancer cells are alike. And for that reason, we now know cancer treatments should differ case by case, because cancer cells are inherently different. At SkylineDx, we have a team of experts with the knowledge and capability to collaborate with highly respected physicians and patients advocates. Together we work to achieve the same multi-disciplinary goal: to give physicians the genetic tools to better guide the most affective treatment plan for their patients. This principle of individualized treatment plans is called personalized- or precision medicine and is extremely important for the patient. With the right personalized treatment, at the right moment, the patient can avoid side effects from over or undertreatment, which means less hospitalization, complications, medications, and ultimately better quality of life.

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