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Smart Reporting is a digital health start-up company based in Munich. It was founded by Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer in 2015 as a spin-off company from the Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich. Smart Reporting offers a digital health solution for structured medical reporting. Currently, more than 99% of medical reports are free-text. This poses severe problems to quality, reproducibility and efficiency in the healthcare system. Smart Reporting offers an intelligent software for physicians which improves quality and efficiency. The first platform was launched in radiology (www.smart-radiology.com) and supports radiologists in generating high-quality medical reports by applying guideline-compliant criteria in their reports. A template depicting the relevant criteria is filled in by the user; the corresponding report text is generated simultaneously. Additional information on the medical background is provided and all report data are stored in a highly granular database and can be fully analysed. The software can be seamlessly integrated into other systems and can be combined with speech recognition and speech commands. Further, Smart Reporting provides an ideal tool to integrate AI and image analysis algorithm into the clinical workflow.

Founded 2014



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Munich, Germany