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Nowoczesne finansowanie dla przedsiębiorców


SMEO is an online invoice-finance factoring company in the FinTech sector. We are a 7-digit funded scaleup with a goal to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to manage their cash flow challenges by unlocking working capital through instant payments of their invoices. In this way, we can assure increased safety of their business transactions. The company belongs to two powerful investment funds: FinchCapital (Dutch) and PreCapital (Polish). Using the power of Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automated data driven algorithm scoring technology, we can establish credit histories for so-called “thin file” and „underbanked” credit seekers and provide them the capital they need. SMEO, as a disruptive FinTech innovator, is in the development phase of the first Polish factoring system based on Blockchain technology. Our business model contains two primary approaches. We offer an end-to-end service that uses flexible multi-channel distribution, with an innovative approach to digital marketing. Secondly, we are open to cooperation with partners such as traditional banks, financial institutions, telecoms, and IT companies. Our system design allows for modular integration with partners, giving them the ability to add SMEO’s online factoring to their service portfolios without much effort. Our aim is to be the leading SME factoring service within the Polish market. But more than this, we set our sights on expansion throughout the Central and Eastern European region. We see huge, untapped potential here, and a growing need for factoring services designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. We operate on principles of self-management, wholeness, diversity and performance-based teamwork where decisions are made at the frontline level. Our communication is based on peer relationships and mutual trust. The company was founded in Dec 2016 in Warsaw, Poland by a team of experienced professionals.

Founded 2016



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Warsaw, Poland