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SMT Performances Is the maker of PEGASE MOTO an anti theft GPS tracker for motorbike that comes without subscription !


Discover our connected device that protects your motorbike anytime ! PEGASE MOTO is a small GPS tracker that fits under your seat in 2 minutes. Download our free app and check your rides, share your roadbooks, plan your bike's maintenance, and most of all activate or deactivate your anti theft feature at will with a tap on the screen. Be alerted when a suspicious movement is detected (by notification, SMS and or email) and find where your bike is thanks to its very precise localization. Using GPS and GSM networks, Pegase Moto sends up to 4 signals per second when on the move ! With an active community of users (400+ votes on the Apple Store, 350+ on Google Android marketplace, a milestone of 10 000 000 km driven by its members), SMT Performances keeps working hard improving both its tracker and its smartphone app, and making sure that the stocks are up so you can order yours today and receive it withing a few working days.

Founded 2016



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Saint-Herblain, France

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