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Agency the Space of Ad works for international and Polish clients in 7 countries on 3 continents: the USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Poland. Space of Ad is an in-house agency. You will find a full-service offer: 360-degree campaigns, developing a brand development strategy, entering the product market, and brand rebranding. It is a multidisciplinary team of people with very broad marketing and advertising competencies. In a short time, we are able to prepare and implement an advertising campaign for any market in the world, strictly according to the assumptions of the client's brief. In our daily work, we use the agile methodology, constantly improving the creative process for the best results. We focus on technology development, combining classic competencies with the possibilities of AI when creating content for social media, graphics, packaging design, animations and films. Our film production department is our own photo studio and a specialized team of animation, motion design and 3D modelling specialists. The studio in Wrocław prepares TV spots, content videos for social media, animations and motion for clients, including advertising agencies. The film production department creates commissioned and owns TV formats of cooking, advice, beauty & wellness programs. The strength of Space of Ad is the preparation of beauty shots and packshots of products, especially in the food & beverages industry. The digital department of the Space of Ad agency deals with the client's social media, for example on the Spanish, Portuguese, German and Polish markets. The type and scope of work of the Space of Ad Agency on foreign markets are extensive: from influencer campaigns, TV commercials, and videos to social media, to packaging and POS design for retail chains and brands.

Founded 2019



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Wrocław, Poland