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A Commercially Focused CRO Consultancy


With the global economic outlook so uncertain, data - driven actionable insights have become the oxygen of modern commerce. Businesses like yours, that can generate high-quality data, and act upon it, are gaining a significant competitive advantage.Equipped with the right data, you will be able to increase conversion rates, identify new customers, markets and revenue streams, introduce personalised goods and services, spot consumer trends first, increase efficiency and better match supply to demand.Square Owl has the experience and expertise to help you achieve these goals – and many more like them – ensuring your business reaps the full benefit of the data dividend. Put simply, we can show you where your most valuable opportunities lie and the most effective ways to capitalise on them.It’s our firm belief that data isn’t just for elite disruptors such as Google, Amazon and Facebook. Square Owl is focused on your growth through data, strategy and optimisation.We’re ready to help define your goals, show you what data excellence looks like for your organisation, present you with a detailed technical route map, and guide you on the journey to success.



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