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The Stamp Free® solution lets you send outbounds/returns using your phone, without needing stamps or postage labels.


Stamp Free Limited is the company behind Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ which is patent pending. The front end of the DPS, the Stamp Free app, enables businesses and private consumers to send letters, parcels or online returns without the need for a postage stamp or printed off postage. The app provides low volume customers with a Digicode™ which they simply write on their letter, parcel or online return and then post their item in the normal way - Stamp Free. There is also an activated barcoded product - the Shipcode™ for larger volume business customers. Finally the Easycode™ allows customers to return online purchases without the need for a returns label - a mobile phone and a pen is all they need! No need to travel to the post office to buy postage stamps. No need to have a printer to print off postage and laboriously stick it to your mail item. No need for a franking machine or other costly and outdated technology solution. Stamp Free – a digital postage solution for a digital age.

Founded 2018



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Edinburgh, United Kingdom (UK)