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Designing and building secure, resilient and performant software defined networks.


Mission: The mission of Starfish vLabs is to develop technical expertise and share it openly for the benefit of our community. Strategy: To advance our mission at Starfish, we use our technical expertise to design, build and operate secure, resilient, and high-performance networks for our partners. About Us: Starfish vLabs is technology services business focused on the design and build of enterprise class networks using the latest technologies. Operating across all major network domains including campus, data centre and WAN, we work with the leading industry vendors such as Cisco, Juniper and VMware. We believe in the Starfish Principle; we know that we cannot fix all of the world’s problems, but we can make a significant positive impact on the people and organisations that we do work with. To achieve this, we place a focus on outcomes, which we deliver through a culture of focus, integrity, openness, and continuous technical development.

Founded 2019



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London, United Kingdom (UK)

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