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Branding & Web Design For Ambitious Businesses


Running a successful business in the 21st century is tough, no doubt about it. The rise in technology has allowed more people than ever to try their hand at business and, whilst some succeed, many fail. One of the single most common reasons for failure is the lack of a clear brand strategy. Identifying and articulating why your proposition is the clear choice can be massively difficult, particularly if you try to go it alone.At Sun Jones, we're passionate about helping you identify your unique brand proposition and connecting you with your target audience. Our process typically involve three key steps: Discovery phase Gathering information about your business, researching your industry and competitors.  Development phase Using the information gathered to develop a cohesive brand identity and web experience, tailored to your audience. Delivery phase Sign off of brand assets and launch of your website, followed by ongoing brand & marketing support. We typically work with funded startups and organisations going through change, helping them to find a niche and create differentiation between themselves and their competitors.



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