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Empowering enterprises to utilize spatial computing and craft their own corporate Metaverse with a no-code XR platform.


SynergyXR is a powerful no-code, enterprise XR platform that empowers companies to elevate their work with Extended Realities without having to be a tech wiz or write a single line of code. SynergyXR sees a present and a future, where extended realities, like augmented and virtual reality, will continue to revolutionize the way we work, live, and play. With extensive expertise and experience within the manufacturing and energy sector, and specialized solutions for technical training and onboarding, we are committed to helping these technologies become the norm. By designing and building people-first solutions, we help bring XR technology, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, to businesses today, not tomorrow. With SynerygXR, professionals can easily design, develop, onboard, train, sell, market, and maintain across all XR devices like Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality plus iOS and PC. SynergyXR is perfect for companies who work with products and services that are complex, technical, and difficult to explain – things that need to be communicated visually. Our packages contain: ✓ Multiple VR environments and templates ✓ Content packages (i.e. pre-populated 3D content) ✓ Enterprise-grade cloud storage ✓ Easy-to-use interface ✓ Multi-user functionality ✓ Apps for AR, MR, VR, PC, and iOS ✓ A team with more than 14 yrs. of experience to help with design, development, and deployment Get started today at: www.synergyxr.com

Founded 2008



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