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Techy Panther works on the floors of Flutter, React Native, Android, iOS, Python, Wordpress and UI/UX. Regardless of whether you're a beginning up or a huge undertaking, we work with you to research, plan and fabricate applications that your end client will really cherish. We do this by provoking your thoughts to guarantee we just form in light of the client, following a lean, intelligent methodology that works consistently. But we're not just about technology – we're about embracing a new wave of understanding, thinking, and acting. By arming clients with the ability to think and act fast, to trial new ideas, to improve, to adapt and to create, we empower them to react to new rivalry or even to shape new business sectors themselves. Today’s disruptive innovators are not simply working with new technologies; they are adopting a new mindset and a new set of methodologies. Digital transformation has happened: it's how you harness its impact that sets you apart.

Founded 2017



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Ahmedabad, India

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