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Small business forum​ that focuses on business and life.


Growth Gen began in 2020, in the confusion of the first wave of Coronavirus. More than ever, small businesses were struggling – with business and with life. And we were all discovering Zoom… Founder Eyob Yesus realised the technology could connect us even in these difficult times – and that we needed connection. So Growth Gen was born. But it’s not just a one-off. Like life, Growth Gen is a journey. Regular events. A living and growing community… Welcome to the new era of living your business with Growth Gen. Growth Gen (GG) is a small business community with a difference. ​ We’re not just focused on business ​ We’re focused on life too. We know that small business owners are in a constant juggle. Life affects work. Work affects life. And if you’re going to survive and thrive, you need to look after yourself. So our community is as much about care and support as it is about business. ​ We’re online and easy

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