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The Jed Mahonis Group is a U.S.-based full-stack digital product agency run by developers, not salespeople. We specialize in building custom iOS apps, Android apps, web apps, websites, APIs, Bluetooth integrations, and more. Partnering with The Jed Mahonis Group means working with the same people every week, like having your own internal team of developers who are fully invested in your project. We’re a remote team, but we aren’t new to remote work. Our team is mostly based in Minnesota, and because we've been working remotely for over a decade, we excel at partnering with companies throughout the U.S. Our decade-long experience building digital products has increased funding and national recognition for startups, sped up the sales pipeline for small businesses, improved communication for growing mid-size companies, and streamlined processes to add millions of dollars of revenue to enterprises’ bottom lines. We take pride not only in building powerful digital products but also in cultivating meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Whether you need a strategy and roadmap for an idea, have a vetted project and need a development partner, or have existing tech that needs support, The Jed Mahonis Group is your tech partner for turning big ideas into functioning software. Check out our excellent reviews on Clutch and visit our website for transparent pricing and to learn more about what it's like to work with us.

Founded 2012




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