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Marketing and Advertising Agency

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How many times have you heard ‘you will get 1000’s of new customers’? Your dedicated marketing manager will take you back to basics looking at areas such as in-house marketing, free advertising and making the most of the referrals. All designed to offer our clients the highest possible ROI! (return on investment). We aim to understand your business needs and objectives by sitting down on a one to one basis and discussing who your target audience is, which demographic you are aiming at and the geographical area that you are targeting. We will then filter through the hundreds of advertising mediums in the market and find the best to suit your business. This should be a must for every business before they look to spend any money. We understand, however, that making time in the day from your day to day priorities is difficult. We are Local too...The Local Marketing Team understands your area as much as you do. We have dedicated account managers up and down Essex, all of whom have over 10 years experience in the marketing industry, encompassing specific sectors such as Social Media Management and Radio to SEO, Newspaper and Website Design.  



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Elmstead, United Kingdom (UK)