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At The Loyalty People we support global brands create world leading Loyalty & CRM programs. Whether its a brand new program or reinvention of an existing one you have come to the right place. We work with global brands in a variety of ways to unlock the value of customer data, improve customer engagement and ensure innovation is top of mind. We stay agnostic to technology and help our clients choose the most suitable platforms and partners. We also support global brands with; - Contract resources. We have 70+ expert contractors globally with varied skills sets. We work closely with our clients to ensure contractors are perfectly aligned to industry and experience whether that's luxury retail, hospitality or Airlines. - Data Analytics. We offer our clients the ability to run data analytics to dive deeper into customer behaviour and glean insights for future strategy, whether its campaign analysis, customer segmentation or loyalty performance we can support.

Founded 2018



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London, United Kingdom (UK)

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