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At Thriva, we’re on a mission to help millions of people worldwide become actively invested in their long term health. Through using health insights to help them thrive. Our consumer business is for everyone who wants to improve and understand what is happening inside their bodies. From taking a home test to getting actional results and GP advice all through a website and app. Our B2B business, Thriva Solutions offers health services and provides a full end to end diagnostic service (DAAS). We offer speed, reduced risk and scaling of diagnostic capabilities for partners who work with us. We’re building a new category in the market and would love for you to come on this journey with us. We’ve sent over 5 million test kits to hundreds of thousands of customers, giving them insights into their health, measuring things like nutrients, hormones, cholesterol, and also have an exciting clinical innovation pipeline, where we’re constantly looking to bring in new tests and testing modalities, such as sexual health screens, genetic testing, and urine testing. With Thriva, you get: - Personalised blood tests - GP-reviewed results in 48 hours - Evidence-based advice Check your health as often as you like with our flexible subscription tests. We offer everything from monthly to annual options. And you can change, pause, delay, or cancel at any time. How does it work? 1. Collect your sample — we’ll show you all the tips and tricks on how to collect your sample. 2. Label and post — send your sample and get results straight to the app within 48 hours. 3. Get personalised insights — understand how your lifestyle habits and blood test results can affect your health and how to improve it. We never share or sell your medical information with third parties.

Founded 2015



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