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Timerack is the complete cloud-based front end system for payroll. Time and Attendance, HR, Pre-work Assessment and Mobile functionality all rolled into one complete package. We focus on service and making the process easier for your client base. Navigating our system is user-friendly, intuitive and accurate. We offer your clients 24 hour access, multiple clock-in options, and complete support so you can process more payrolls in a timely manner. Like a lock and key combination, Timerack flows smoothly into most payroll software, saving time and money. Our newest product Timerack 365 is fully integrated with Accounting CS payroll such as Thomson Reuters and other systems. Here are some of the advantages of using the Timerack system: • Reduce payroll errors by organizing time and attendance at the front end • Streamline approval processes utilizing multiple users on one single easy to use platform • Simple pricing that is easy to absorb and/or upsell • Process hundreds of employees checks without cumbersome manual entry • Easy to use, learn and administer • Private label the software to maintain brand identity • Deep reporting functions to manage multiple clients across one platform • Keep track of a mobile workforce through our cutting edge GPS technology • Turnkey functionality with clocks that are integrated with our cloud based solution Timerack is headquartered in Wake Forest, North Carolina but our client base is nationwide. Please visit us at www.timerack.com or email sales@timerack.com for more information.

Founded 2004



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